Certified Management & Disposal of Waste Electronics for Small-Medium Size Organization (one or multiple sites)

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Material Management Scheme ensuring highest level of protection.

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Technical Details

Collection activities to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE), namely the proper handling, transfer, distribution, sale, and final disposal of e-waste products. 

-  Site Visits/Consultation/Schedueling
-  Site Assessment/Specifications
-  Transfer & Delivery arrangements
-  Deployment of integrated iRecycle Sorting System in your site
  -  Green Zone items (desktops, laptops, cellphones)
  -  Yellow Zone items (keyboards, printers, routers)
  -  Red Zone items (CRT monitors, LCD monitors, televisions)
  -  Truck & Driver
  -  Certified disposal
-  Data Security
  -  Hard Drive Disposal
-  Certificates for auditing purposes

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WEEE Care Program

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College Shaw Public Library

 Community Collection May 6, 2017


Bloor Gladstone Public Library

 Community Collection May 4, 2017


Annette Public Library

 Community Collection January 21, 2017